Card Check: Doesn’t He See the Contradiction?

By June 4, 2007General

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney in a Boston Globe op-ed column accuses employers of all sorts of ugly, vicious behavior against their employees — a picture of business we simply don’t recognize. After poisoning the well that his straw man drinks from, Sweeney then lobbies for the dishonestly named Employee Free Choice Act:

Americans are given the right to vote and elect our political figures. It is a sacred and fundamental right that we often brag about when holding the country up as a beacon of democracy to the rest of the world and to one another.

Would we still be a beacon if on the way into the voting booth a politician pulled us aside, one-on-one, and threatened, intimidated, and coerced us about what horrible things would happen if we didn’t vote the “right” way? Of course not. We’d be a despicable banana republic, not a beacon of democracy.

His solution? Do away with the voting booth!

And reserve the threats, intimidation and coercion for union organizers, the end result of the “card-check” format promoted by the Employee Free Choice Act.

Brazen, just brazen.

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  • Apparently Mr. Sweeney does not have a problem with the attack ads, propaganda, and other dishonest things his political party spews forth on the American voters prior to an election(?)…

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