Card Check: Canards, Claims and Poll Numbers

By June 26, 2007Labor Unions

The Center for Union Facts is keeping up the PR pressure, and worthy pressure it is, against the @##%^@#-named Employee Free Choice Act. All the opponents have on their side is reason, democratic traditions and strong public opinion.

The Center has placed full-paged ads in the New York Times and USA Today, headlined, “Memo to Union Bosses: Get a Better Pollster.” From the news release.

The full-page newspaper ads highlight new polling data which show that a majority of people prefer not to be part of a labor union. In addition, an overwhelming majority believes secret ballot elections should be used for union organizing. For example:

74% of non-union workers say they would not “personally like to be a member of a labor union.”

— Zogby International poll, August 2006

87% of Americans agree that “every worker should continue to have the right to a federally supervised secret ballot election when deciding whether to organize a union.”

— McLaughlin and Associates, January 2007

“It’s time someone pointed out that bad union math is leading to widespread myths about the number of employees who actually want to be in a union,” said CUF Executive Director Richard Berman. “Union bosses are using this broad misconception to garner support for the Orwellian-named Employee ‘Free Choice’ Act.”

Here’s a link to the newspaper ad.

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