Beam Me Up, Scotty!

By June 15, 2007General

Today’s news, straight from a Chicago suburb, is that a baby monitor is picking up live coverage of the NASA space mission! This interesting AP story notes that:

Since Sunday, one of the two channels on Natalie Meilinger’s baby monitor has been picking up black-and-white video from inside the space shuttle Atlantis. The other still lets her keep an eye on her baby.

Elementary school teacher Natalie Meilinger said that she has become addicted to the coverage and “can’t wait to see what’s next.” She’s brought in a clip of it to show her students and co-workers. This is not exactly what we had in mind when we recommended that there be a better understanding of technology in the schools, but–who knows–maybe one of her students will be inspired to study hard and become an astronaut or scientist. Click here to read this story and move to Palatine, Illinois if you’d like to see similar coverage at home.

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  • Kevin says:

    Hmmmmmm! Is this product the said lady either patented or licensed somewhere?…Is it breaking communication laws?…Seems to me like someone is using a comms law loophole to make a product that utilises something very easy for them to manufacture outside regulatory laws and could threaten lives by RFI somewhere down the line!
    I need to know more to comment further but, I have seen in so many instances of this in my life I just wonder if this is not a case of “get in make money out of a product, whether it’s good or bad then take the money and run”.

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