Beach Reading: Atlantic on China’s Manufacturing

By June 19, 2007Economy, Trade

The July/August issue of the Atlantic Magazine is devoted to China, its manufacturing might and cultural evolution. We began to wade through it over twice-cooked pork last night, and it makes for fascinating reading.

The cover story, “China Makes, the World Takes” is by James Fallows, a generally serious and reliable chronicler of the world. The full story is not online, but Fallows does narrate a revealing online slideshow here. Fallows’ thesis:

So far, America’s economic relationship with Cina has been successful and beneficial — and beneficial for both sides. Free trade may not always be good for all participants, and in the long run trade with China may hold perils for the United States. But based on what I have seen in China, and contrary to what I expected before I came, so far it is working as advertised. Before thinking what should be cchanged, Americans should appreciate what has gone right. A good place to begin that story is Shenzhen.

Shenzen, a city that has grown a hundredfold in the last quarter century, is the topic of the slideshow.

No doubt there are many arguments to engage in the magazine’s articles, but the package is a worthwhile examination of the BIG ISSUES. Recommended.

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