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By June 26, 2007Briefly Legal

Panting for more news about Judge Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against his D.C. drycleaners, the Chungs? Hungry for an endless stream of sartorial puns? Well, you’ve come to the right place (thanks mostly to links from the Washingon Post’s Marc Fisher). Welcome. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Let’s start with Fisher’s Metro section column, A Scary View of U.S. Legal System. For all the chortling here and there and here about the lawsuit, remember that for the Chungs it was a serious, straining ordeal.

But despite their legal victory, the Chungs still face devastating losses. Their attorneys’ fees are well north of $100,000, said Christopher Manning, who handled their case at a reduced rate. Business has suffered; Pearson papered nearby telephone polls with fliers asking residents to come forth with complaints about the shop. And Manning’s law partner, Melinda Sossamon, said that even if Bartnoff eventually orders Pearson to pay the Chungs’ legal bills, there’s hardly a chance that the family will see any money because Pearson has few, if any, assets.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Chung. If soon-to-be-ex-Judge Pearson comes in with another pair of pants, don’t take them. Please.

And here’s Fisher’s online chat from yesterday. And Fisher’s blog entry, from Raw Fisher. No link yet to the Style section and video of Marc Fisher’s interpretive dance portraying the history of Korean-owned drycleaning in the United States. (PG-13 because of that “zipper” motion.)

Here’s the Post’s story on the verdict.

And for the AP and video of the Chungs news conference, check out Channel 9’s coverage here.

The judge’s opinion is available here in .pdf format. And please visit for details about helping the Chung family.

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