A Full Day of CBS Radio News Reports, D-Day, 1944

In honor and memory of those who fought at D-Day, we present a full broadcast day of CBS Radio News reporting on the Allied invasion. Sixty-three years later, the tension and drama remain riveting.

From CBS war reporter, Quentin Reynolds:

It is a little after midnight in France now, and thousands and thousands of Americans, British and Canadian troops are trying to rest after the toughest 24 hours they ever underwent.

One of the first rules of amphibious warfare is don’t dig in. Force the action. Get away from the beaches. Reports from Allied headquarters and from the German radio agree that our men wasted very little time on the beaches. They surged forward, and tonight, the main body of our men is resting more than 10 miles inland. It is the first night most of them ever spent in France, and it is doubtful the Germans will allow them to enjoy it.

That little bit is from segment 17 of the full day’s broadcasts. Please go to this Internet Archive webpage for hour-by-hour reports.

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