A Faltering ‘Live Earth Hamburg’: Let’s Sell the Kids

By June 29, 2007Global Warming

Al Gore’s forces of carbon depletion are anxious in Germany. Tickets sale for the Hamburg “Live Earth” concert are slow, the lead act is a convicted felon and debaser of women (Snoop Dogg), and other concerts are clearly outshining them. So what to do? Propagandize the schools!

Here’s a report translated from the Hamburger Abendblatt (Hamburg Evening Pages):

The Live-Earth-Concert on July 7th in Hamburg isn’t supposed to go bust. However, just a week before the big happening in the AOL-Arena (beginning July 4th, the HSH-Nordbank-Arena), only about half of the tickets have been sold – about 20,000. Frank Erich of the marketing agency responsible for the show has confirmed that with the Hamburger Abendblatt. The attempt to land Herbert Groenemeyer as a big drawing card has failed. Now organizers are attempting to fill the stadium another way: Education officials have been activated, advertising the event in the schools. The teachers are supposed to encourage students to buy tickets for the nine-hour concert for climate protection. “We’ve established a separate “Live Earth Concert” category on the Hamburg educational computer system,” says official spokesman Alexander Luckow.

In addition, a newsletter will be sent to the schools on Monday. For Thorsten Kausch, business manager of “Hamburg Marketing,” the approach is only logical. “We have to use all possible channels to draw attention to the concert,” Kausch said.

Using the educational bureaucracy to propagandize students on behalf of global climate alarmism. Sound familiar?

First it was his world history class. Then he saw it in his economics class. And his world issues class. And his environment class. In total, 18-year-old McKenzie, a Northern Ontario high schooler, says he has had the film An Inconvenient Truth shown to him by four different teachers this year.

UPDATE (2:30 p.m.): South Africans are cool to their own concert, too. Can guess why: Imagine being lectured at in three separate languages. Ouch.

UPDATE (9:30 p.m.) Motor.de, an online German alt-music mag, asks, “What if they gave a Live Earth concert and nobody came?”

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