Two Sensible Observations

From James Lileks, wrapping up the weekend in Minnesota.

Via Insty, this Sullivan excerpt re: Michael Moore. He wants to eliminate private health insurance. Here’s a suggestion: let’s eliminate private movie completion bonds, too. It’s a form of insurance, right? You get a bond that assures your investors the movie will be completed on time. Let the government handle the job. Let the government decide which movies will get the bond. It’s not like they’d ever use that power to control an artist’s message, and it’s not as if Congress woudl ever abuse the power of the purse.

Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys has come out against the global warming tour, noting, quite sensibly, that he finds rock stars lecturing the rest of us to be a little presumptuous. Thank you, Neil. Now go back in time and redo the lyrics for your last album, chum, because the amount of enjoyable music was inversely proportional to the amount of Important Issues Vaguely Tackled.