Thoughts on the New Trade Pact

By May 13, 2007Trade

Lost of analysis floating around out there about the new trade pact reached between the Administration and the new Dem leadership in Congress. We’ve given our view, i..e, that there’s a new (Democrat) sheriff in town and given that fact, this is about as good as we can expect, and it moves the ball forward on trade. Even the WaPo agreed (in this editorial yesterday) that this is an OK deal and should move forward.

However, according to this article from the WaPo’s Peter Goodman, groups on both ends of the spectrum are carping about the deal. It’s a rule of thumb in the world of negotiation (and remember, we have experience in that field) that if two opposite sides are crying foul about the ultimate deal, it’s probably a pretty good deal.

Ways & Means Committee Chairman Rangel doesn’t strike us as a guy who is prone to bullying — in fact, quite the opposite. We hope he stands his ground against the withering barrage he’ll get from some of the lefties on this.