The Week Ahead: Week of May 14

By May 14, 2007General

Here we go with the weekly roundup:

  • Once again, both houses of Congress are in session this week. The pace must be getting to them, but this is the last full week for a while. They’ll be in part of next week and then back home for a “District Work Period.”
  • Here’s a link to the House schedule for the week. They’ll still be doing defense authorization, and the House Judiciary Committee will take up lobbying reform, and issue that’s subsided from the American consciousness. No matter, they’ll attack it this week. We’ve not seen the bill — apparently it’s being cooked up out of public view. Irony, anyone…?
  • On Tuesday, the Workforce Protections Subcommittee of the House Ed & Labor Committee will have a hearing on whether private sector whistleblowers are have sufficient legal protection. Right — like there’s not nearly enough whistleblowing going on. But this is the Committee owned and operated by organized labor, so you gotta expect this kind of stuff.
  • On Wednesday, a House Judiciary task force (whatever that is) will have a hearing on gas prices. If past is prologue, this will shed far more heat than light on the issue. IF they really wanted to get to the bottom of this whole issue, they oughta have a hearing on supply and demand, and force all 435 of ’em to attend.
  • Here’s a link to the full Senate schedule of hearings this week. Next Thursday the 24th, the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee plans a hearing on Mike Baroody to be Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. He is a smart and fair-minded guy and deserves to be promptly confirmed.

  • The Senate may spend its time on immigration, may not. They’re in negotiations with the White House (and one another), have set aside all kinds of time this week and next to tackle immigration. If they don’t decide to take it up, that leaves lots of time for other mischief, so maybe they’re better off arguing about immigration. Stay tuned.
  • There is a chance that if the Senate does not spend its time on immigration that they might decide to fill their idle time with another ripe (and contentious) issue, the anti-democracy card-check bill. If you’ve not already weighed in with both your Senators, please do so by clicking here. Remember, even the ones you consider lost causes need to hear from business. Hold ’em accountable.
  • And finally, the Cradle of Civilization drew one step closer to banning the sending of text messages while driving. (Maybe the Governor oughta tackle speeding and seat belts first…) We’re guessing too may people are driving in from out of state and then, realizing how great it is in the Garden State, start frantically texting their friends to come join them, thus creating a driving hazard. What other possible explanation could there be?
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