The Gray Lady Makes the Case for Free Trade

By May 15, 2007Trade

These days, it seems to get harder and harder to find pro-trade Democrats, but the New York Times is playing against type with two pieces in as many days. The first was an editorial in Sunday’s paper, applauding the new trade deal and noting, “The Bush administration and Congressional Democrats have reached a broad understanding on trade that should benefit American workers, American businesses and global economic growth.” Wow.

Yesterday featured a story by Jeremy Peters entitled, “Rising Exports Putting Dent in Trade Gap.” It featured two good NAM members based in Illinois, tiny Quality Float Works (honchoed by manufacturing evangelist Sandy Westlund-Deenihan) and behemoth Caterpillar. Of course thousands of small manufacturers supply Caterpillar, so their stuff gets shipped all over the world. Later the story mentions NAM member Harsco, based in Pennsylvania, 70% of whose sales come from outside the US. The more trade agreements we have, the more stuff gets shipped around the world. Because of currency rates, US-made stuff is now cheaper around the globe so our exports are soaring faster than imports.

This is all good news for American manufacturers. Glad the NY Times is breaking from its party to say so.