Statement on Baroody’s Withdrawal

By May 23, 2007General

The White House has accepted Michael Baroody’s request to withdraw his nomination to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission. NAM President John Engler has issued a statement in reaction to today’s developments.

The withdrawal of Michael Baroody’s nomination to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission is a sad day for consumers and everyone who cares about good government. Mike is a man of exemplary character and proven commitment to public service. He would have been a great CPSC chairman.

The unprincipled smear campaign waged against Mike, aided and abetted by unethical release of his financial records, was inexcusable. It prejudiced opinion before Mike had an opportunity to address this and other issues in a proper forum. Watching this abuse of process, apparently without consequence for the wrongdoers, makes me wonder why any qualified citizen would submit to run today’s Senate gauntlet. This Senatorial abuse of process bodes ill for citizens and country.

John Engler
National Association of Manufacturers