So That’s Where Snoop Dogg is Playing…

By May 5, 2007Global Warming

Barred from Australia, banned in England, just arrested in Sweden, persona non grata in Canada, and convicted in California on drug and weapons charges. Snoop Dogg, one of Al Gore’s hand-picked crew of rappers against global warming, is sure racking up a series of criminal offenses on his way to performing a July 7th “Live Earth” concert for carbon depletion.

But where? What lucky city is going to play host to the violence-promoting, foul-mouthed degrader of women as he lectures the public on cleaning up their lifestyles?

Rio! Looks like Snoop will be preaching environmentalism to the Brazilian crowds at the Copacabana, along with Lenny Kravitz and Jerrell, who has some supposed relationship to one manifestation of a version of the R&B group, The Platters. And Jennifer Lopez may show up.

Seems like the Brazilians would be offended. Lenny Kravitz is good, sure, but otherwise, it looks like a bunch of second-rate super-wealthy celebrities — including one of the world’s leading misogynists in Snoop Dogg — on their way to Rio to represent Al Gore’s campaign for societal revolution.

Yet, as far as we can see, no one’s raising a fuss. It’s almost as the media suspend all critical judgment when it comes to Gore, his global warming theorizing and proselytizing. Odd.