Snoop Dogg and “Live Earth”: Adeus Brasil!

By May 24, 2007Global Warming

Al Gore’s hand-picked headliner at the “Live Earth” anti-carbon concerts, the rapper Snoop Dogg — known for his felony convictions, advocacy of illegal drugs and avid debasement of women — has bailed on performing at the Brazil show.

No explanation why. Did the Brazil government decide to follow Australia’s example and bar Snoop Dogg’s entrance to the country? Wouldn’t be surprised. Brazil suffers from terrible gang violence, and it hardly makes sense to welcome a rapper who celebrates murder, revenge and the gangsta lifestyle.

So, instead, Snoop is off to perform in Germany, appearing at the “Live Earth” concert in Hamburg with such illustrious names as Katie Melua, Jan Delay, Juli, Lotto King Karl, Maná, Michael Mittermeier, Reamonn, Roger Cicero, Sasha and Silbermond. And Katarina Witt, who is emotionally and professionally invested in ice (and totalitarian dictatorships, for that matter).

No matter the venue, it remains baffling that Al Gore and the other overheated proselytizers pretend there is nothing wrong in having thug rapper Snoop Dogg preach to the public about global warming. It’s either a moral blind spot (what? he’s offensive?), radical fervor (all is acceptable in the pursuit of fundamental social change) or cynicism (the public, those dopes, just won’t notice).

Or contempt. It could just be contempt.