Snoop Dogg: A Fine Ambassador for Climate Control

Snoop Dogg just keeps piling up the offenses in the Commonwealth Nations. From Alberta:

Lethbridge City Council is considering tightening the rules for concerts at the city-owned Enmax Centre after hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg allegedly smoked marijuana on stage….

Snoop Dogg’s lack of respect, not just his alleged drug use, is at issue, said Bob Tarleck, mayor of the city about 200 kilometres south of Calgary.

“We saw it as a real affront to our community. We saw that as a group of entertainers who thought that they could come in and just ignore — totally ignore — the rules of our community.”

Why, oh why, does no reporter stop former Vice President Al Gore during his Worldwide Tour For Carbon Depletion 2007 and ask, “Mr. Vice President, do you believe Snoop Dogg should be headlining one of the ‘Live Earth’ concerts you are promoting to combat global warming? He’s a convicted felon who revels in sexual depravity, drug use and violence. Why do you turn to him to preach social change?”

And what about the children?

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  • Dave says:

    Yeah, he keeps pilling up useless misdemeanours created as sanctions for the people by out system to keep them in line.
    What is it about ignorant people from small city’s that cannot grasp the meaning of differnce, what, because Snoop Dogg’s “illegal drug use” scares all of the alchoholics and liquor store owners in the 2 square blocks making up the city of Lethbridge?
    Or mabey you are misenterpreting your lack of understanding for his “lack of respect”.
    Would Lethbridge be whinning and complaining about Rob Zombie if he came town and drank 4 26’ers on stage????

    And unlike whoever posted this rediculouse attempt at “communication” with you right wing brethren , Mr.Gore understands the importance or “reaching” a different group of people while spreading a progressive message to those with less then progressive views.

    By the way , instead of taking cheap , overly simplified political jab’s at someone with some difference why don’t you focus on the destruction your province is doing to itself reveling in the fossile fuels you are tearing from the earth.

    If you understand freedom of choice you would understand that very few children will be showing up to watch Snoop Dogg perform live on stage, and if they do ,I believe your comments will pertain to the parents that raise them, not a grown adult doing shows for grown adults.

    (By the way , I haven’t heard you complaining about the peeler bars having an adverse effect on the females in your community , OH..that’s right you would gain from that therefore would prefere to sweep that social issue under the rug and focus on an african american performer that wears his heart on his sleeve.)