Should This Judge Be Removed?

By May 2, 2007Briefly Legal

Following up on last week’s post about litigious D.C. judge, Roy Pearson, more expressions of frustration:

How much do hard working Americans have to take from half-baked law suits? Just roll over and let greedy plaintiffs get their lucre? In the good old days, pirates were seen for what they were. Now apparently they dress up in thousand dollars suits and flash law school credentials while robbing anyone who annoys them.

Today’s legally insane headline comes courtesy of ABC News and the District of Columbia where an employee of the District government and an administrative law judge, is suing his local dry cleaner for $67 million for a lost or misplaced pair of suit pants. Click here to read this fantasy and the apparent glee with which the District employee is wrecking the business of some hard-working Korean immigrants, who are spending thousands just for their legal defense in this absurd case.

Litigation is out of control in the United States and it’s bad enough that it is undermining U.S. manufacturing and even making other countries more suitable sites for production. If you doubt that, read The Escalating Cost Crisis which looks at the costs of litigation and other structural costs imposed by government that tips the balance against making things here at home and supporting high-paying jobs. Some estimate the US sinks over $800 billion a year in such legal costs.

What are District court officials going to do about an employee who abuses local citizens and businesses for personal gain while sitting on the bench? Not to mention that judges are supposed to be hired for their good judgment. What does this case say about this judge’s judgment?

Moreover, what kind of legal system would even entertain such a law suit and not just toss it as sheer madness? As the ABC news article cited above says,

“People in America are now scared of each other,” legal expert Philip Howard told ABC News’ Law & Justice Unit. “That’s why teachers won’t put an arm around a crying child, and doctors order unnecessary tests, and ministers won’t meet with parishioners. It’s a distrust of justice and it’s changing our culture.”

UPDATE (By Carter Wood) (9:20 a.m.) A fine and timely letter from Sherman Joyce of the American Tort Reform Association opposing the judge’s reappointment. Our thanks to Walter Olson at for the additional info.

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  • Texas Gary says:

    •• Remove ROY PEARSON from his judgeship.

    ••Pearson’s attorney who filed this case should be FINED big bucks!

  • Nick says:

    (in respons to question about helping out) There has been such an overwhelming response that a fund has been setup for their defense:

    I tossed in $10. I’m broke…lol

  • Dan says:

    Here is his address

    His bosses :
    Chief Administrative Law Judge Tyrone Butler
    Commissioners :Robert Rigsby, Henry Levine and Peter Wilne

    Office of Administrative Hearings
    825 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 4150
    Washington, DC 20002 (202) 442-9091

    email :

  • gordon thomas says:

    This man in reality has snapped. He needs psychiatric help and so does any anyone else who decides to keep this charade going. I believe that this man’s action against these people could account as a hate crime. The cleaner owners should really file for a frivolous lawsuit and get benefits for pain and suffering as well. This judge reminds me of so many others I have read about. It is a shame that the profession of law can’t clean up their own act.

  • Maria says:

    What is this world coming too. I can not believe $65 million for a pair of pants but we can not give money to help our Troop Families, 9/11 Families, Katrina Families the list goes on on. So I guess I should have sued my cleaners for misplacing my suit. GET REAL! Be a man and get you some more pants and give that money out to our American families that need a pair of pants. This just blows my mind

  • P T says:

    How dare this guy take advantage of poor small business owners that are trying to make a living. I bet this guy doesn’t even know the meaning of hard work. I suggest everyone write to their local assemblyman or bar association and give them your 2cents. This guy should deffinately be forced to resign.

  • Kittycat says:

    He must be a really sad person inside, wanting to inflict so much hurt on others. Does he believe in Karma? Wow.

  • Katey K. says:

    Pearson is such a dumb idiot and he should never have been given any position as a judge because he has got something seriously and profoundly wrong with his brain. He should be fined two times what he wants those people to pay for an accidental misplacement of a freakin pair of pants. What stupidity resides in this egotistical SOB’s brain. Leave this country you stupid stupid boy, just leave us all alone.

  • sammy says:

    Just want to say that I really feel for the Chong’s and I support them and hope they don’t get the idea that all Americans are like that.

    Is there anyway to donate money to there cause?


  • Angela says:

    I think that a judge who uses his knowledge to destroy another person is evil and should be removed. What if you son or daughter goes before him to be tried and he doesn’t like the looks of them or they anger him in some way…this is how he handles frustration and he is not going to change. Lucky we found out early!

  • angry says:

    Let his employer know how you feel.

  • yellowstone69 says:

    Let the greedy ass go to work without pants. doesn’t sound like he has much to cover up anyway.

  • Joe says:

    Guess he (Roy) is taking them to the cleaners on this one. LOL!!! Maybe it’s just a joke to him, but there’s nothing funny his actions. Maybe Roy should be tested for dementia or something. Maybe Roy has a problem with Koreans. Maybe Roy has some kind of personality conflict, you know, thinks it’s funny to torture small animals, stick them in mailboxes and blow them up….Ooops..wrong guy…that would be our commander-in-(t)chief. I think Roy should take his clothes to Iraqi cleaners. He’d be in good company.

  • SeanyDee says:

    I want this guy’s address. I can’t believe a JUDGE would stoop this low…actually, yeah, I CAN believe it.


  • big jo says:

    Can happen ONLY in DC !!!

    A District of Columbia administrative hearings judge Roy L. Pearson, sues a dry cleaners for $65 million.

    I hope they take action and fire this bum and have him disbarred, counter-sue for every penny he’s worth and then throw that piece of crap in jail.

    What a reckless and irrational person operating our court system.

    Take action! DC resident

  • ben says:

    Infuriating. Its difficult to hear about such a self-centered, power-tripping jerk like this without getting mad. He should absolutely be impeached for such an abuse of his station. At the very least, “pearson” should acquire a new definition, as did “santorum.”

  • Scott L. Moore says:

    WHO APPOINTED THIS JUDGE? His position is appointed (see the D.C. governement website). Judge Pearson should not only be removed from office but also disbarred and the American Bar Association’s failure to do so would send a loud and clear message about what their intentions really are.

  • hunter says:

    Anyone tolerating this ‘Judge’ is tolerating a pathetic fraud.

  • Tommytime says:

    Impeach him, put him in stocks and let the citizens see what a scoundrel looks like!!!!!!!

  • Jonah says:

    Does anyone know the address of this guy? I’d like to write him a letter or seven. This Roy Pearson is a truly despicable person… I don’t care how you can twist and slant this story, he still comes out on top as the most awful person I’ve heard about in a long while.

  • Mike says:

    Yes, impeach him and the other judges for not throwing the case out.

  • joram says:

    The judge should edure the same punishment he dished on the Korean Merchant.