Running for President on the Fist-Pounding Ticket

By May 6, 2007Dobbs Watch, Trade

Dobbs WatchLou Dobbs for president, eh? Well, there’s always room for an angry populist to stoke the fires of protectionism and the class struggle.

True, most of the celebrities like Dobbs who talk about running for office are more interested in gratifying huge egos and boosting sales of whatever they’re selling at the moment. Remember Warren Beatty’s run? Donald Trump, a CEO for the Oval Office? Jesse Ventura?

At least a Dobbs’ candidacy would invite some scrutiny, accountability, for the contradictions and economic illiteracy he spouts. And surely it would pose at least a minor political conundrum to Democrats who share his views, folks like Senators Byron Dorgan or Sherrod Brown, for example: Support the cause or the party?

Although, why go for a copy when the original is available? Eugene V. Debs for President!

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

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  • Dennis says:

    The reason American jobs are going over seas is because it is too expensive for companies to keep them in America, because of our massive, bloated tax system. Companies pay massive amounts of money in taxation from the corporate tax, the payroll tax (for each employee), social security tax (for each employee), and of course income tax. Add to that the cost of higher wages required by Americans and it’s stupid for business to keep jobs in America, when they can send them overseas for low wages and next to no taxation.

    If we initiate The Fair Tax, America becomes a tax haven because all of those taxes we have are abolished and replaced with one, national sales tax. This would balance the need for higher wages required by Americans and could therefore sustain jobs residing in America. Then, there is no need for government regulation of businesses and where they send their jobs.

    Problem solved.

    The Fair Tax is the answer!

  • Kelvin says:

    The apex of economic illiteracy (or general naivety) is to acquiesce to the actual powers that be–the multinationals–who by their nature care nothing for where they came from–only where they plan to go (China/India/Mexico with cheap labor and few expensive environmental/safety laws). A corporation has no heart,no nationalism, no patriotism–altruism is an impediment to net income and political power–so don’t expect any. By the way, Chinese scientists recently announced the Yangtze, which supplies about 1/3 of the nation’s water is “irreversibly polluted”. Wonder if DuPont or Dow Chem have heard the news? What’s a little more gonna hurt?! Better them than us…right?

  • Mary says:

    Hey there,
    I’m a xenophobe and proud of it!!!! Translation- “Americans” first…not Illegals, nor indians, nor Chinese JUNK!!! American Manufacturers should be ashamed ….they have lowered the standards of everything produced today…from goods to food. Hang your heads in shame…we are going backward not forward…Hurrah for Dobbs, he has touched a nerve with Americans who have felt the same for a long time…He is right!!!

  • Jabba the Tutt says:

    Assuming the charge of Lou Dobb’s economic illiteracy is true, when has that hurt Democrat politicians ever? The MSM praises the Democrat’s compassion, which means spending other people’s money and claiming that’s how to grow the economy. That’s more than economic illiteracy, that’s a plan to destroy the economy. Just to give a recent example; Hillary announced how she’d take the profits of the oil companies. Where was any comment by the MSM about Hillary’s economic illiteracy?

  • Dennis says:

    Dobbs is either ignorant or simply a liar. He claims as far as immigration ” These Dems were supposed to be different”. Pure lies. He helped defeat the GOP congress in 06 . The ONLY ones trying to secure borders.

  • Kewtr says:

    He’s not alone in his cluelessness, I think there’s a big Buchanan/Savage/Etc. group of people that truly believe one man holding a job takes something away from another man, and that the pinnacle of a man’s worth is working in physical manufacturing (no offense, but it’s not).

    I’m not always surprised when this kind of childish, xenophobic, and cowardly set of ideas comes up, but this time it truly puzzles me.

    Look at our economy. It quite literally couldn’t be much better. Examples abound of free trade leading to better results. The opposite is provably, consistently, and simply untrue.

    So who’s listening to these walking turds right now, and why?

  • Veritas says:

    Your hyperlink for the phrase “the contradictions and economic illiteracy” of Lou Dobbs is a blog entry that misquoted Dobbs’s book and then mistakenly chided him for his allegedly poor writing skills.

    That’s it?