Report from America: Jacksonville and Captiva Island, Florida

By May 2, 2007Report from America

Report from AmericaThe blogger-in-chief’s been busy racing around the state of Florida these days, with a speech in Jacksonville to a group of HR types on Monday and a speech to the Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association (PTRA) in Captiva Island yesterday.

Incidentally, it is not possible to fly (commercial) directly from Jacksonville to Ft. Myers or anywhere near Captiva. And so we opted for a flight to Tampa and then drove — with the help of a very cool portable GPS, a great manufactured product — to Captiva, a fairly remote spot. For those of you not following the news, things were quite smoky in Jacksonville due to the brush fires just north of there in Alabama. More surprisingly was the fact that the smoke was palpable yesterday morning a few hundred miles south in Captiva. But we were undaunted. Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke.

To the HR group, we preached of the scourge that was this stupid card check bill. It really is incredible when we travel outside the Washington Beltway into the real world and talk about the card check bill. The look of boredom on their faces is palpable, thinking that it’s all just some wacky idea cooked up by the unions and their Amen chorus in the Congress. When they hear that it passed the House in less than two months with 241 votes, the oxygen goes out of the room. They simply cannot believe that Congress would vote to scrap elections in the workplace. We urged them all to send a letter to their Senators to remind them of what a bad idea this bill really is.

To the PTRA, we gave our usual chat about manufacturing, along with a call to action. They were engaged and motivated and wanted to know how to get more involved. Here’s a copy of our slides, here’s a link to our Prosperity Project site and here’s a link where they, too, can send a letter to their Senators on the ill-advised anti-democracy card check bill.

Thanks to both groups for their almost-rapt attention and their hospitality.