Oh, What Standards These Mortals Weave

By May 10, 2007Health Care, Trade

Funny how the same people who insist that importing drugs is totally safe think otherwise when it comes to food.

WASHINGTON — Some U.S. legislators and farm groups are reacting to the food safety scare by demanding fewer imports, making countries like Canada pay for more inspections and putting labels on all foreign products.

They’re also throwing Canada’s mad cow cases into the mix in the fierce debate over protecting the American food supply.

See, the Food and Drug Administration could absolutely ensure the safety of pharmaceutical imports from overseas, but when it comes to protecting U.S. consumers from food imports, the FDA is just the worst.

Does FDA spell FEMA?

To the thousands of Americans whose dogs and cats have already been sickened or killed, and the many millions more who rightfully fear for the health of their beloved pets, the recent massive pet food recall already represents a disastrous failure of our food safety systems. But if it eventually turns out that toxic wheat gluten made its way into the human food supply, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) tentative response and equivocating public statements might have set the stage for a collapse of confidence of post-Katrina proportions.