Mike Baroody: Setting the Record Straight

By May 19, 2007General

Earlier this year, the President nominated our EVP, Mike Baroody, to be Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Mike’s a great guy — as brilliant and as principled a person as you’ll find.

The left, honchoed by consumer groups and trial lawyers have led a public smear campaign against Mike, lobbing all sorts of allegations and half-truths at him, shooting from the shadows every day. Unfortunately, the press has been all too complicit in this adventure, willing to run every allegation, often with little regard to the facts. This past week there was a spate of stories aimed at further tearing down a decent and smart man who will be a great addition to the CPSC.

In any event, for those who are following this story, here’s a link to a statement we put out today to set the record straight. And here’s a link to our original release in which NAM President John Engler lauded Mike and called for his confirmation.

We still stand behind that statement, still stand behind Mike.