Manufacturing: Topics Worth Debating

By May 19, 2007Labor Unions, Trade

The presidential candidates have already started debating, and to the debate sponsors and candidates alike, I say this: Don’t forget about manufacturing.

Manufacturing directly employs 14 million Americans and created $1.5 trillion in wealth last year. It is a worthy topic of debate.

I’ll even provide a couple of sample questions, free of charge. For example:

  • To achieve energy security for this nation, do you support developing our domestic resources — the coal, natural gas and oil on federal lands and in the Outer Continental Shelf?
  • The Employee Free Choice Act would take away the right of employees to vote in a secret-ballot election whether to join a union. Should employees be deprived of this democratic protection?
  • And finally this question:

  • Trade Promotion Authority has allowed Republican and Democratic presidents alike to negotiate and submit trade agreements to Congress for an up-or-down vote. As president, will you support retaining Trade Promotion Authority?
  • Now that’s just three of the hundreds of possible questions. The important thing is that candidates explain their views on manufacturing issues facing our nation.

    Any presidential debate that ignores manufacturing just doesn’t do the job.