Let’s Close All the Gas Stations!

Today’s surprising news is that some gas station owners are shutting down because they can barely afford to pump gas. If you believe Congress, gas station owners and oil companies that supply them are “price gouging”. Something is seriously wrong with congressional radar when they pass legislation and the real world is headed in exactly the opposite direction.

Take a look at this disturbing article out of Milwaukee and then take a quick look at how YOUR member of Congress voted on this specious legislation.

Congress won’t let anyone explore or drill where we have large supplies of oil and gas in the United States. They mandate new regulations that reduce fuel mileage and require greater use of gasoline. They do nothing to promote the construction of new U.S. refineries that make the gasoline we use. What’s more, many of them don’t seem to have a clue about how world oil prices are set and the role of OPEC.

When all the gas stations close up, Congress will have triumphed. That must be their objective, don’t you think? Otherwise, we’d see a smarter approach to national energy supply.