JP Fielder, Our Man in Switzerland

By May 20, 2007General

Swiss_Flag_75.gifAs the NAM continues to expand its global reach, we have dispatched press flak extraordinaire JP Fielder to Switzerland.

OK, the truth is that thanks to his stellar reputation among the pressies (that part is true, but we still associate with him), he scored an invite to the coveted Young Leaders Conference that will run through May 26, sponsored by the American Swiss Foundation. The conference is held annually in Switzerland and pulls together about 25 Americans and an almost equal number of young Swiss opinion leaders from a variety of backgrounds for a week of intensive discussions on a broad range of issues of concern to both countries. This year the conference is sponsored by UBS and will take place at their conference center in Thun, at the foot of the Alps. JP and his colleagues will also meet with high-level Swiss government officials as well as with business, media, cultural and other leaders.

Here’s a list of famous Swiss people, includes almost everybody, and here’s a list of famous US folks with Swiss roots, starting with Ben Roethlisberger. And don’t forget the cheese and the watches. It’s all good.

In any event, JP has his trusty laptop with him and promises to jump into the blogosphere on this trip, providing updates on the adventure. So watch this space, watch for the little Swiss flag logo to indicate JP’s posts from the front lines of the American Swiss Foundation’s Young Leaders Conference.