Jamestown: The American Synthesis

This evening’s concert concluding the second day of the Jamestown 2007 celebration featured several highlights, capturing the wonderful (and occasionally odd) amalgam that is American culture.

  • Local boy Bruce Hornsby, Ricky Skaggs and Chaka Khan joining together for a rousing version of The Nightingales’ gospel classic, “I Want to Be at the Meeting.”
  • Ricky Skagg’s family, wife Sharon White Skaggs, son Luke and daughter Molly (who graduated from college this morning), testifying to America’s covenant made 400 years ago with God and then singing, “The Old Rugged Cross.”
  • Hornsby, Skaggs and the band, Kentucky Thunder, performing a hyped-up bluegrass Superfreak. Putting the Rick James in Jamestown, apparently.
  • A theme for the day, synthesis. At 4:15 p.m., Virginia Governor Tim Kaine participated in a ceremony honoring the descendents of the three cultures brought together via the Jamestown settlement. (You can listen to Kaine’s remarks here. If you hear a loud thump or two, that’s the drum circle of Indian descendents, who later concluded the ceremony with what we took to be an honor song.)

    Kaine certainly made the most of the day. He introduced Hornsby and then wound up playing the harmonica during the closing set.

    UPDATE (10:30 a.m. Sunday): News coverage on Kaine and the “commemoration” of Historic Jamestown yesterday is available here. We referred to the events as a “celebration.” It is now considered improper to celebrate the founding of the rule of law and American culture.