Friday Follies: The Landlord

By May 25, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThis one made the rounds last last week, but we thought maybe the use of the “b”-word (rhymes with “witch”) might scare off some of our more sensitive readers. But then this week we figured, what the hey — why not? It’s the blogger-in-chief’s second to the last Follies, so let’s go with it. And, you’ve probably already seen it. Anyone who’s turned off by that word — or by small children exploited for humor’s sake — ought not proceed any further.

But if you’re strong, give it a try. “The Landlord” is a video by Will Ferrel featuring his young daughter Pearl in the title role, coming to demand the rent. It really is funny, but as with most films (long or short) the outtakes are even funnier — especially to anyone who’s ever tried to get a 2 year-old to do anything on cue.

So click here to see “The Landlord” and click here to see the outtakes from this very funny video.