Friday Follies: ‘I’ll Sue Ya’

By May 11, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThanks to the reliably goofy Weird Al Yankovic (his mom must’ve know he was destined for goofiness when she named him, “Weird Al”….) we have this week’s “Friday Follies.” Can’t remember who sent this to us a week or so ago, but it’s an animated video to a Rage Against the Machine-style Weird Al original entitled, “I’ll Sue Ya“, an homage to the lawsuit-happy culture in which we live. Except for a gratuitous shot at the Cradle of Civilization, it is pretty funny, and all too true.

“If I sprain my ankle while I’m robbin’ your place,” raps Al, “If I hurt my knuckles while I punch you in the face, I’m gonna sue, sue, yes, I’m gonna sue…”

Considering we spend more each year on lawsuits in this country than these countries spend on their entire economies, maybe it’s not that funny after all.

Click here to see this week’s Friday Follies.

UPDATE (By Carter Wood, 9 a.m.): The hat tip for sending us the Weird Al video goes to Bret Jacobson at, an invaluable resource for those interested in organized labor’s many transgressions.

Meanwhile, a reunited Rage Against the Machine is hot, hot, hot. The funk/punk stylings of revolutionaries preaching overthrow of the capitalist system. So why aren’t they on the bill at “Live Earth?”