Friday Follies: How a Mouse Works

By May 18, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesRegular readers have come to expect a weekly Saturday video of Cool Stuff Being Made. But this week, we’ll get a jump on Saturday, mix it up a little bit by combining the regular Friday Follies feature with a video of how things work.

Take the ordinary everyday mouse. You know the one — you spend your day with your hand on it, left clicking, right clicking, sliding around your Joanie Loves Chachi mouse pad, opening, saving, sending, forwarding and deleting. Well did you ever wonder what goes into the inner workings of a mouse? We’ve taken the bottom off of ours a time or two (when it stops working), taken out that heavy little ball and cleaned the Joanie shavings off of all the twirly things. But you may not know what’s really in the guts of the thing, what makes it go.

Thanks to one of our two absolutely most loyal readers (she’s in Pittsburgh, that’s all she’ll let us say), we now have a secret video, smuggled out from a mouse plant in China somewhere that for the first time shows to the outside world how in the heck this thing works.

If you’re into the magic, don’t watch, but if you’re really a fan of manufacturing, fascinated by what makes things work, click here to unlock the mystery and give it a spin.