Food Safety, Medicine Safety

By May 17, 2007General

We caught our buddy Lou’s show last night and saw a segment on the importation of fish from China — fish, that Lou says is just not safe.

But here’s what galls us — as Carter Wood has mentioned here before, folks get all worked up (legitimately) about unworthy fish or poisoned pet food, but those same folks scream for the re-importation of non-FDA approved pharmaceutical from around the globe. Did you know that imports that arrive in Canada destined to be exported are not even inspected? We can “import” from countries we consider “respectable”,” countries with a good record for food and drug safety, but there’s no guarantee that these products aren’t originating in a country with a poor reputation for product safety.

The point is that folks ought to be consistent. For the record, we think we should not import unsafe products, counterfeit products into this county. And that would apply whether we were talking about brake pads, electrical appliances, dog food, fish, or medicines.

Is it crazy to expect that kind of consistency from the cranks?