Follies Bonus: Lewis Black On Celebrity Earth Day Hypocrites

By May 4, 2007Friday Follies

Friday FolliesAnother Earth Day has (blessedly) come and gone and with it the usual parade of preachy celebrities — they of the massive carbon footprints — telling us how to become more green. Heck, even notoriously hypocritical better-than-us Laurie David is now saying she thinks of Al Gore as “a father figure“, adding, “By the time I was done working with him, I was begging him to adopt me.” Ewwww.

Fans of the usually-liberal Daily Show know Lewis Black, a very funny guy. Here’s a short bit he did on the many celebrities who were busy preaching on Earth Day last month. “Advice on how to save the planet,” he calls it, “From a bunch of people who couldn’t even save Planet Hollywood.”

Click here to watch the clip.