Farewell to the King

By May 18, 2007Miscellaneous

You may recall a few months that that I announced my retirement.

As the Blogger-in-Chief noted at the time, “years of repeated physical and verbal abuse” finally took its tale.

So, I was enjoying life outside of politics, happily in rehab and the taking pleasure in the perks of my charter membership of the NAFBA (National Association of Former Blogger’s Apprentices) when I learned that the Blogger-in-Chief is leaving.

In my mind, this, and if a certain individual announced his decision to run for President, are the only two things that would get me to blog again.

So, yes, turns out the rumors are true. The BIC is indeed off to try something new at a firm helping manage online strategy. We know he’ll do great there. After all, it WAS his idea to start Shopfloor.

Here’s a quick personal (and oh-so-true) story that one day I will live to regret:

Not too long ago, I found e-mail dated June 25, 2004 from the BIC that I had foolishly saved. The subject line was “blog” and the BIC asked, “should we start one?” I responded that blogs were “a terrible idea whose time had run its course and they had hit their peak.”

So, yes, it was Pat’s idea…and he had a great vision to start something truly transformational for the NAM and the association community, if nothing else, to make me eat my words. I joined along in for the ride and together we made a difference. So it is with a lot of sadness that I come out of retirement to say farewell to a real King in online media.

We’re told that this new gig will keep him active in the blogging world and even allow him to finally get paid to despense all the advice he’s been giving out for free these last few years.

More importantly, we hope he’ll earn a little more money so that he will finally retire the polyester as an acceptable office attire.