Energy: Move Forward With Resources, Technology

By May 23, 2007Energy

NAM President John Engler will be on the Hill this morning, testifying to the full House Natural Resources Committee on energy and manufacturing. (Hearing notice here.) The immediate impetus for the hearing is a bill introduced by Chairman Nick Rahall, D-WV, H.R. 2337, the “Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act of 2007.” The hearing is one of scores the House has scheduled on energy and global warming trying to meet Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s target of having legislation by July 4th.

The hearing features two panels, one made up of Administraton officials who deal with the energy and natural resources, and the second, with the NAM’s Engler and Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association. Martin has been a strong advocate of developing U.S. domestic resources to stabilize energy prices, which hit seniors particularly hard, so it’s good he’s on the witness list today.

The boss’s testimony urges Congress to continue moving forward on energy development and to resist the urge to backtrack on all the good reforms implemented in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the first piece of comprehensive energy legislation since 1992. Engler will also draw attention to the NAM’s comprehensive energy strategy, “Energy Security for American Competitiveness.

We’ll post NAM President Engler’s testimony once the hearing gets under way. The committee is also broadcasting the hearing on the web, which you can access at the committee website.