Dream It! Do It! In the News

Channel 13, Eyewitness News, traveled down to Columbus, Ind., yesterday for the official launch of the southeastern region’s “Dream It! Do It!” drive. Here’s the story, and a key passage:

The new program unveiled Monday called Dream it, Do it is designed to build a new educational foundation to make sure that part of the state will have enough people to fill those jobs. Honda is looking to fill 2,000 positions. Cummins Engine, with its new light diesel line, will need over 600 new positions filled. Those companies need to make sure young Hoosiers know they have a future in advanced manufacturing.

“This projected flat population growth in southeast Indiana, we must all work together to build a system that graduates more students from high school as well as two and four-year post-secondary programs, and we must provide a much better picture of how the education and training that a person receives connects directly with career and pay opportunities in advanced manufacturing,” said Joe Loughery, Cummins Engine.

“Dream It! Do It!” has a strong element of accountability associated with providing that “better picture.” Organizers have done a baseline survey of attitudes of 18-26 year olds in the 10-county southeastern Indiana region, trying to determine how these young people view manufacturing. After 18 months of educational planning, promotion and advertising, a new survey will ascertain whether “Dream It! Do It!” has succeeded in elevating manufacturing as a desirable — and well understood — career path.

And here’s the video of Channel 13’s story.