Dogged By Controversy: Gore’s Original Rapper

By May 10, 2007Global Warming

Al Gore’s rapping ambassador against global warming, Snoop Dogg, just stays in the headlines. From one PR standard, that’s probably a good strategy: If you’re going to perform at one of Gore’s July 7th “Live Earth” global consecration/celebration/rock-against-carbon concerts, keep up the publicity. The more people see you, the more likely they’ll buy an airplane ticket to fly to the show in Rio.

Still, at least one world political leader wants nothing to do with the convicted felon and degrader of women. Asked about Australia’s decision to prevent Snoop Dogg from entering the country, Prime Minister Howard was quite clear.

A student at Canberra’s Francis Xavier College questioned Mr Howard about the decision and asked whether the ban might be lifted to allow the rapper to tour.

“Not while I’m around, no,” he told the students. “Look, I understand he might be appealing to some people, but he had a terrible criminal record and his attitude in relation to drugs.

“I just think you’ve got to take a stand on those sorts of things.”

Mr. Gore?