Dangerous Imports Come in All Shapes and Sizes

By May 20, 2007General

Interesting story on the front page of today’s WaPo about some very dangerous imports coming in from China.

This is all well and good, makes for some interesting– if unappetizing — breakfast reading. But here’s the rub: The same lefties quoted in the story who are ringing the alarm about dangerous imports form China are the same ones pushing to “reimport” medicine from a dozen or more countries.

See, the problem is, the world is actually round. It’s a globe. And trade is, well, “global,” hence the name. And so adulterated — and yes, even poisonous — medicines come into these many countries from China and other places. Some countries (like Canada) have a policy of not even inspecting goods that are being imported for export — stuff that’s coming into the country solely to be shipped back out again, like to gullible and unprotected consumers. And so every year, millions of units of bad medicines are seized around the world. It’s unfair to lay it all at China’s doorstep, of course, but they are one of the culprits.

So you’re either for safe products or you’re not — brake pads, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals. In for a dime, in for a dollar. Mark us down as being in favor of safe goods across the board. It’s why we fight counterfeit products wherever we can find them, and why we fight to make sure non-FDA-approved medicines don’t come across our border.