Cool Stuff Being Made: New Holland Concrete

By May 19, 2007Cool Stuff Being Made

new_Holland_logo.gifFrom our friends at PCN Tours comes this week’s video of Cool Stuff Being Made, featuring New Holland Concrete and their making of concrete blocks.

As you may know, these blocks are made with three key ingredients: aggregate (sand and stone), cement and water. They go through the mold and eventually out the door to buildings where you live, work and play. You’ll see in this video not only the manufacturing process but a bit about how they keep track of the massive inventory and how they’re able to track the movement of every concrete block that they make. Once again, throughout the manufacturing process and beyond, you’ll see the high degree of technology involved — even in a seemingly low-tech product like concrete blocks.

So click here to view the video tour conducted by Joe Schmadel of New Holland concrete and feel the manufacturing vibe.