Committee Testimony: Engler on Energy

By May 23, 2007Energy

A productive hearing today before the House Natural Resources Committee on energy policy. In his testimony, NAM President John Engler made clear the connection between affordable and available energy and a competitive manufacturing economy, and urged a broad strategy that makes use of U.S. resources. His conclusion:

We believe that Congress should not seek to favor one source or another of energy, nor should it erect new barriers that discourage their development. Manufacturers and the millions of workers employed in manufacturing need policies that foster a resilient, reliable energy profile that can stabilize costs and restore a level of competitiveness to the U.S. manufacturing economy.

Engler’s oral testimony is available here in a .pdf format, and the written testimony as submitted is available here.

The committee’s website also includes links to all the witnesses’ testimony here.

UPDATE (4:45 p.m.) The Consumers Alliance for Energy Security echoes Engler’s remarks in a news release, highlighting the importance of natural gas:

“Gov. Engler is right. At a time when the nation needs more natural gas, H.R. 2337 would result in less natural gas production. Consumers pay the price for conflicting federal policies that ‘legislate’ new demand for natural gas and restrict or roll back access to supply.