‘China’s Trade Time Bomb’

By May 9, 2007General

Regular readers know we’re fans of Bob Samuelson, resident wise man at the WaPo. He almost always gets it right, almost always cuts through the hysteria to provided clear-headed thinking. Today is no exception with a piece entitled, “China’s Trade Time Bomb.” Some interesting observations on the dilemma that is China.

We’re glad this ran the day after our U.S.-China Business Relations Task Force met with three Cabinet members — Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab. Here’s a link to our press release on it, might even have some audio files to put up later, interviews with some of the particiapnts. Our Task Force consists of large and small manufacturers, and they’ve been keeping the pressure on the Administration on a wide array of issues related to China. This is a good, smart and fearless group, had a good series of meetings yesterday.