Card Check: Wronging a Right

By May 22, 2007Labor Unions

Good to see someone else calling Human Rights Watch to account for its preposterous act of moral equivalency, accusing Wal-Mart of human rights abuses because of the company’s policies on unionization. The registered lobbying organization HRW then used its demogogic attack to call for passage of the truly undemocratic Employee Free Choice Act, which would rob employees of the right to a secret ballot. Laughable…and offensive.

From the New York Sun:

During the Lebanon War last summer, Human Rights Watch took the position that Israel’s self-defense from terrorists was a human rights abuse. Now it is taking the position that anything less than European-style rolling over in the face of labor unions is a human rights abuse. It’s getting to the point where the left thinks capitalism itself is a human rights abuse, except when the capitalist is George Soros engaging in trading for the purpose of funding the leftist advocacy groups.

What Human Rights Watch’s recommendations would lead to is an America that works like France, where the airports and trains are always on strike and the country’s economy slowly grinds its way into oblivion and irrelevance. The recent election results show not even the French want this anymore; no one does but a few out of touch New York “human rights” leftists.

Meanwhile, still nothing new on the organization’s website about Hugo Chavez’s assault on free speech and private property. But Chilean legislators who criticize emergency contraception? Outrageous!

UPDATE (1:50 p.m.) John Weber, president of the D.C.-based crisis management firm, Dezenhall Resources, tells business not to put up with this kind of activist assault.

Anti-corporate activism, ironically, has become big business. Foundations, so-called non-governmental organizations, unions and trial attorneys collectively have literally billions of dollars in assets to apply to — and gain from — corporate pressure campaigns. The power struggles between big companies and their detractors are no longer David versus Goliath, they are Goliath versus Goliath…

Of course, not all companies are innocent as charged and not all pressure campaigns are baseless. But neither should large companies allow themselves to become pinatas simply because the easiest way out is capitulation. In today’s scandal-driven environment silence equals guilt. Playing defense is for losers. It is eat or be eaten. Yes, you stick to the facts and you play by the rules. But as one park ranger once advised, “The first rule of survival is to never look like food.” And a lot of companies today are looking like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

UPDATE II (2:50 p.m.): So what do you know. Today, Human Rights Watch put out a news release criticizing Chavez for shutting down Radio Caracas TV. (After this post went up, by the way.) Perhaps their arbitrary standards and failure to criticize an incipient Castro got to be too embarrassing.