Card Check: What Labor Proclaims

By May 25, 2007Labor Unions

Manufacturers, here is what organized labor is saying about you in its efforts to pass the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act. From remarks at the Michigan AFL-CIO Convention:

[Andy] Levin, who worked in the national AFL-CIO’s organizing department for 10 years, said the only way to stop the “terror campaign” that companies initiate after workers vote to form a union is to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, which contains stiff penalties for such abuses.

Got that, employers, manufacturers? You are terrorists.

But wait! This isn’t just a union blowhard declaring business owners to be the moral equivalent of Al Qaeda, it’s a Michigan state official. Someone who earns his living from the taxpayer’s dollar saying business runs a “terror campaign.”

Andy Levin is the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth’s deputy director, overseeing workforce development, career education and other key programs.

Consider that. A public official, a member of the Governor’s administration responsible for jobs creation in Michigan, is calling employers terrorists.

What a wonderful welcoming message to potential employers: “Oh, we’ve put together a great economic package for you, tax abatements, incentives. We have an excellent, comprehensive workforce development plan in place. A skilled, eager labor pool. We really want you to locate your factory in Michigan — you damn terrorist.”

UPDATE (12:30 p.m.) Michigan State Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis has called on Governor Granholm to fire Levin.

We are having a hard enough time keeping jobs from leaving our state as it is, let alone trying to attract job providers to Michigan,” said Anuzis in response. “And now the DLEG Deputy Director , someone who is supposed to welcome Michigan employers and potential employers tells one of Michigan’s top unions that Michigan employers are running a `terror campaign’. This is inexcusable. Governor Granholm is obligated to send a message to present and prospective Michigan employers that her administration sharply disagrees with this divisive and unconstructive rhetoric. Andy Levin should be fired immediately.”

UPDATE (1:45 p.m. Saturday) The Friends of ATR blog weighs in: “It is hard to comprehend why someone who works in the Department of Labor and Economic Growth would even think to use the word terror when describing Michigan employers.”