Card Check: Senator Shelby Comes Out Strong

By May 17, 2007Labor Unions

Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, has released a fine statement on the flagitiously* named Employee Free Choice Act. Alabama has been featured prominently on the blog lately thanks to Thyssen-Krupp’s decision to build a new, multibillion-dollar steel-making plant in Mobile. Senator Shelby correctly draws a connection:

Alabama has a robust economy in large part due to our tremendous workforce. We are a right-to-work state, neither forcing nor prohibiting participation in a union. Instead of creating new federal laws that favor power grabs by the unions, we need to build on our already strong economy which has attracted numerous new companies to make investments in Alabama.

From the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa to the Honda plant in Lincoln and from the Hyundai plant in Montgomery to the EADS facility in Mobile, successful businesses recognize that Alabama is a smart place to do business and that our workers are some of the best in the world. We must continue to create further opportunities in our state and focus on working to attract even more new businesses and jobs, rather than taking rights away from Alabama’s workers. Alabama workers have partnered with business and together they have created a vibrant economy. The so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” would do nothing but harm our workers, our businesses, and our economy.

Another senator, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of Delaware, also weighs in on the card-check legislation, this time before a Florida AFL-CIO audience.

”If the most cherished right a country can give a citizen is the ability to vote . . . all you got to do is walk in and sign your name and be registered to vote . . . Why should it be any different to organize a union?”

But…without a vote, right? We’re confused.

* By coincidence, flagitious is the Word of the Day, May 17th.