Card Check: Don’t Scrap the Secret Ballot

By May 7, 2007Labor Unions

From Ed Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, a worthwhile summary of why the catachresticly named Employee Free Choice Act is antidemocratic…and ominous.

“Card check” gives union organizers carte blanche when it comes to convincing workers to have a union represent them. They can visit employees at their homes to try to talk them into signing up. And good luck saying “no.” If union officials can’t get half the company’s employees to sign up the first time around, no problem! They simply revisit everyone who didn’t sign. And revisit them. And revisit them. They can keep coming round, day and night — as often as it takes to pressure the holdouts into signing.

Look what happened in 2000 when organizers tried to unionize Trico Marine, a Texas-based company that supplies materials to offshore oil-drilling outfits.

One employee in Louisiana actually had an arrest warrant issued against a union organizer after that organizer visited his home eight times. Another employee reported that union organizers shot videotape of him outside his home. He thought he was being marked for potential violence.