Au Revoir!

By May 11, 2007General

After ten great years here at the NAM, the blogger-in-chief will be packing up the saddle bags and heading a few blocks away to join Fleishman-Hillard as Director of Digital Public Affairs. Fleishman has been a leader in the digital/interactive/new media/social media space, with a formidable team of very smart folks advising clients all over town (and all over the globe) on this stuff. And so we’ll join ’em around the first of June, doing on-line advocacy and corporate positioning in the association world and the manufacturing sector. We will continue to write and speak on manufacturing issues that are near and dear to us.

We started this blog over two years ago and have seen it grow beyond our wildest expectations. We thank God that our readers didn’t demand quality writing, we were lucky. Carter Wood has stepped up to the plate (a great writer, by the way) and will continue to do so, with an assist from Bill Canis, Dave Huether and some other new NAM bloggers. It’s been fun and we’ve enjoyed it, but new challenges await.

We’ll write here for another week or so and then will be found in the interim over at Other blogs will likely proliferate from there. If we buy Carter a case of Mallomars he might give those blogs a shameless plug, but if not, you can keep tabs on us from here.

We might muster a weepy farewell in another week or so, but in case we don’t, we want to say it’s been fun, and thanks to both of your for being such loyal readers.