An Opening with Europe?

We don’t need the reminders of the Queen’s visit and the hoopla over 400 years of English settlement at Jamestown this weekend to remind us that America’s roots lie in Europe. Moreover, our economies and trade are deeply interwoven and many diplomatic initiatives are jointly supported by Americans and European governments.

Many in the U.S. media have left us with the notion that U.S.-European relations are pretty rocky, but that may be the wrong impression. An interesting editorial in The Examiner on Friday presents a different picture, pointing to recent elections in France and earlier in Germany that have elected candidates with very strong, pro-US stances.

Finding new ways to cooperate with Europe on business issues is important for U.S. exports, for reviving the Doha Round and for many other aspects of Transatlantic trade. With Sarkozy and Merkel, let’s hope there are new opportunities.