Al Gore, Fallin’ In And Out of Love

By May 18, 2007General

Here’s a story from Reuters, reporting on the breathless and goey Time magazine piece on Al Gore, lamenting that he’s “fallen out of love with politics.” Gosh, what will Tipper think? Of course, Time magazine has done its own falling in and out of love with global warming — jumping on the hype this year but touting global cooling hysteria a few short decades ago. Nevermind, they fired that guy, it’s all about warming now — and Al Gore. Gotta love Al Gore.

So anyway, in this story, Al says, “If I do my job right, all the [Presidential] candidates will be talking about the climate crisis.” Well, actually, only those candidates who want to lose will be talking about it, Al. Can’t remember the last election — at any level — decided on this issue. Seems those uninformed, stupid voters keep stubbornly focusing on dumb issues like health care, taxes, the economy and, more recently, the war in Iraq.

God knows Hollywood and the mainstream media (like Time) are doing their level best to keep this issue front and center, but when you come right down to it, it ranks low on the list of voters’ priorities because at some level, they just don’t buy all the hype.

In other words, Al can’t break up with the voters, ’cause they’re breaking up with him first.

UPDATE (By Carter Wood, noon): Theme song! Air Supply, “I’m All Out of Love.” Air Supply, heh, heh.