You Won’t Mind If I Insult You, Will You, Mr. Rove?

By April 23, 2007Global Warming

In keeping with the Blogger-in-Chief’s open invitation to poke fun at Laurie David whenever possible, we note the already much-noted contretemps at this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner. (You remember Laurie David. She’s married to Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, and is a jet-setting missionary who preaches at other people to curb their lifestyles in the interest of carbon depletion.)

Seems that the hot-air harridan decided to get in the face of White House advisor Karl Rove, who was just there to enjoy the evening. She and pop singer Sheryl Crow began lecturing Rove on global warming, blah, blah. As Rove said, “She came over to insult me and she succeeded.”

Anyway, much has been blogged already about the exchange, tied in with Sheryl Crow’s later vapid musings about toilet paper and paper napkins. We’d let it slide, save for the take of Minneapolis columnist James Lileks (of the West Fargo gas station Lileks), which applies so well to the next two-plus months of preaching we’ll hear from the “Live Earth” concert crowd, Sheryl Crow (and Snoop Dogg) included:

In my lifetime, musicians with itchy consciences have declared themselves opposed to four things, more or less: Nuclear Power, Nuclear Missiles, Global Warming, and playing concerts at Sun City. They opposed the first because nuke plants poison the earth; they opposed nuclear missiles under the general auspicies of the Bad For Children and Other Living Things Comprehensive Banality Act of 1968; they were opposed to Sun City because of apartheid – bully for them, but let’s see any of them refuse to sell their products in China to protest the occupation of Tibet. They were wrong about nuclear power; wrong about the Soviets, misguided about the effect of depriving South Africa of their presence, and now it’s this. It would be amusing if this stuff wasn’t starting to saturate nearly every single aspect of modern life, turning the most incidental of choices into signs of moral failings.

But Lileks, you see, would never interrupt Laurie David’s dinner to tell her so.

UPDATE (2:15 p.m.): Sheryl Crow’s concert demands: Three tractor trailers, four buses and six cars. And Bombay Gin.

UPDATE: (4 p.m.): An eyewitness account of the great poke-down. Second-hand eyewitness, rather.