Virginia Tech: In Memoriam

By April 16, 2007General

Today’s shootings at Virgina Tech, with over 30 people dead, sadden us all and we give our thoughts and prayers to the families, students and faculty there today and in the days ahead. My daughter is a student there and lives in the same dorm building where the first shooting took place. She was, thankfully, not harmed.

This day is every parents’ nightmare and, until today, parents could not believe that this kind of thing would happen there or on any university campus in this country. Through today’s technology of cell phones, emails and instant messaging, the terror of this morning was relayed almost instantly across the country to parents near and far. We lived it too in a small measure. Here’s the email that was sent to students and parents this morning when the outcome was very unclear:

A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from all windows.

Email doesn’t get more chilling than that. And that is why our hearts and the hearts of so many others in this nation go out to those who were gunned down today. It’s almost as if we were there today and so this tragedy takes on a scope far beyond the green hills of southwest Virginia.

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  • Rosemary says:

    May God help us all. First and foremost, my deepest sympathy to all of Virginia Tech, students, faculty and family. May I suggest that Norris Hall be demolished and a memorial be put in it’s place for those who lost their lives on that tragic day. Also, may I suggest that security campus policy be reviewed and revamped to include new expultion rules for mentally disturbed students and also that students be immediatly evacuated in the event of an emergency such as what occurred, had the students been evacuated many lives would have been saved! I pray that we shall all rise above this.