UAW Considers Buyout of GM

By April 24, 2007General

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  • skh.pcola says:

    I think, rather, that the union would wrinkle their brow in consternation that their $30,000, shoddily-constructed, sub-compact cracker box was not the market leader. The union elitists have never shown much of a knack for understanding consumer or market psychology.

  • Once upon a time (1957), a novelist by the name of Ayn Rand wrote a novel entitled Atlas Shrugged. Within the novel there was a company called Twentieth Century Motors–run by the ‘collective’ and based on collectivist ideals. It would be rather interesting if the UAW bought either GM or Chrysler. As investors, would they see for themselves how unproductive union work rules are?

    On some days, it does seem as though Atlas is Shrugging, doesn’t it?

  • skh.pcola says:

    Has majority union ownership of a company ever been tried before? I only ask because they have a well-documented track record of squelching the growth and profitability of companies where ownership is negligible or limited only to employee shareholder participation. I surmise that GM under union ownership would reveal the true nature of the union grand poobahs, for whom “egalitarianism” is just a convenient prop in their quest for power and personal enrichment.