This Week on America’s Business

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business” spans the manufacturing world from Brazil to Mississippi this week, as host Mike Hambrick tackles trade, Toyota, energy and the manufacturing economy.

Hambrick reports on the recent visit of an NAM-led delegation of U.S. manufacturers to Sao Paulo, where they met with their Brazilian counterparts and government leaders to discuss ways of furthering the Doha Round of global trade talks. NAM President John Engler recounts the discussions; Whirlpool’s vice president, Tom Catania, who chairs the U.S.-Brazil Trade Council, adds perspective; and Tom Murphy of Dow-Jones Newswires in Sao Paulo summarizes the news.

From northern Mississippi, Mike covers the groundbreaking of Toyota’s new $1.3 billion SUV plant. He interviews Jim Wiseman, vice president of external affairs for Toyota North America, Mississippi Governor Harley Barbour and Senator Trent Lott, R-MS.

John Byrd, president of the Association for Manufacturing Technology, provides his views on today’s manufacturing economy.

And in the first segment of a far-reaching interview, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich examines energy security and environmentalist excesses, putting in a plug for nuclear energy at the same time.

In our regular segments, Drew Greenblatt reports from “The Factory Floor” of Marlin Steel Wire Products in Baltimore; Jean Ann Harcourt of Harcourt Industries in Indiana mounts the “Soap Box” to protest the death tax; the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls “The Way it Was”; and NAM President John Engler closes with his “The Last Word” commentary on applying duties to counter China’s industrial subsidies.

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