The Week Ahead: Week of April 9

By April 9, 2007General

If the Republic was safe last week since both houses of Congress were out of session, the Republic is only half-safe this week, as the House continues its “District Work Period” but the Senate charges back to work.

The bad news in all this is that the anti-democracy card check bill is now in the Senate so when they’re in session, there’s a risk that it could move. Please click here to tell your Senators to support democracy and oppose this bill.

Here’s a link to the line-up of Senate hearings this week. Note that on Thursday the Senate HELP Committee will hold a hearing on equal pay. O joy. There isn’t a single old liberal idea that isn’t being resurrected these days, it seems. This is just one more.

First quarter earnings will begin to trickle out this week.

NAM President John Engler is leading a trade mission to Brazil with a bunch of our members. With a little luck, we might get a report from our trade expert, Frank Vargo, who will be on site. If so, we’ll post it here. Brazil, you may know, is the 9th largest economy in the world. Its 200 million people represent a great market opportunity for US manufacturers. Stay tuned.