The Week Ahead: Week of April 2, The Republic is Safe

By April 2, 2007General

This week, both the House and Senate are out of session, so the Republic is safe. These breaks used to be called, “recess.” But because “recess” connoted scenes of kids running out the door screaming and playing, it was changed to “District Work Period,” a more serious and somber word more commensurate with the serious and somber work of Congress, like banning cockfighting.

But here’s what you need to do. While the lil’ rascals are home in the district (if they’re not here, they must be there), you need to weigh in with them on the anti-democracy card check bill. Remember that this will replace elections with coercion in the workplace. Hey, if we wanted that, we’d join the Mafia. Speaking of which, check out this priceless ad on the topic from

  • Here’s a link to where you can weigh in with your Senators on card check and here’s a link to the entire tool kit.
  • Here’s a link to a Congressional directory, where you can get their District phone and fax numbers. Make sure they hear from you — on card check or any other topic — while they’re home.
  • Today at the NAM, Commerce Undersecretary Frank Lavin will be here to brief NAM members and reporters on Secretary Gutierrez’ announcement last week on countervailing duties.
  • There was a trade deal reached with Korea last night, details to follow. Remember that trade agreements open markets to US-made goods, and create jobs and prosperity.
  • Tomorrow, the blogger-in-chief will be in Asheville, NC, bloviating to the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute. Pray for them.
  • And, we didn’t really win a Pulitzer. It was an April Fools joke. But thanks to all of you who e-mailed and called with congratulations. If only…
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